Après un premier set au cours duquel ils furent menés 14-20 avant de refaire surface et de l’emporter sur le score incroyable de 35-33, nos Young Red Dragons ont dominé les Hollandais durant les deux sets suivants; 25-20, 25-21. Ils enlèvent de la sorte la médaille de bronze de ces championnats d’Europe des U20, Il s’agit là d’une toute grande performance qui rejaillera sur tout le volley-ball belge et dont les principaux artisans, les membres du cadre technique de Volley Vlaanderen, peuvent être très légitimement fiers. Chaleureuses félicitations à tous les joueurs et à tous ceux qui les ont encadrés avant et durant toute cette campagne. You have done a fantastic job. Big thanks to you.

Bronze medal final: Belgium vs. The Netherlands 3-0 (35-33, 25-21, 25-20)

In the clash between the two co-hosts of the tournament, both teams enjoyed enthusiastic support from the stands. The actual hosts of the match, The Netherlands, wasted a 20-14 led in the first set to allow Belgium to come back and prompt an exciting epilogue. The fierce battle for every point, accompanied by many unforced errors on both sides, went very deep into the overtime, with Belgian setter Seppe Van Hoyweghen finally scoring the last point for 35-33. The second set was a close fight through 17-17. Belgium’s serving (three aces) made the big difference on the way to the eventual 25-21. Berre Peters was already having a big day and the young Belgian continued to do so in the third set, leading his teammates to a 25-20 win and the bronze. He was the best scorer of the match with 20 points. On the Dutch side, Daan Streutker with 14 points was the only one to reach the double digits.

Kris Eyckmans, coach of Belgium: « I’m very happy with the 3-0 victory. The game against The Netherlands in the Netherlands is something special. The Dutch team really made some great steps during this tournament. Seeing them play against Russia, I understand why they came out second in the pool. We had a terrible start, but because we won the first set I knew we could win this game. That was the basis for victory. I’m really satisfied. »

Matthieu Vanneste, captain of Belgium: « We played well as a team and I think we were better in all three sets. We started a little bit hesitant and that’s why it was hard to come back in the game. The first set we win by 35-33. This was the moment the Dutch team were mentally broken. I think nobody expected that we would take the bronze medal. We can be proud that we achieved this. All the players had their share in taking this medal. We are really satisfied as a team. »


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